CTF DataPro, Inc.
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Cell Phone, GPS Forensics and Cell Tower Data Analysis

Our team of skilled Cell Phone Forensics Examiner have a wealth of skills and information to help with your case. We can analyze cell phone company records and help make them easy to understand for you and a jury. We will map our the phone's movement based on the cell tower records.

We can provide an unbiased, independent analysis of the data on your cell phones, GPS GPS units. We have multiple certifications and utilize multiple programs and systems to retrieve the data including the 

  • Cellebrite UFED (Universal Forensic Extraction Device) Logical Unit, 
  • Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, 
  • Susteen SecureView, 
  • Katana Lantern 
  • and others. These systems allow us to access thousands of the cell phones on the market today and many of the GPS units.


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